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* Shark Representative Blackbelly Lanternshark
* Etmopterus lucifer * *
Family: Etmopteridae picture:Blackbelly Lanternshark
Stocky body, moderately long tail. Brown above, underside black, elongated narrow black mark running above, ahead and behind pelvics, others at tail base and along axis. Rows of denticles from snout tip to tail. Short interdorsal space, very large second dorsal fin. Teeth blade-like in lower jaw, with cusps and cusplets (generally <3 pairs) in upper. Gill openings moderately long.

Distribution and Biology ;
Western Pacific. Presumably ovoviviparous. Eats mostly squid and small bony fishes, also shrimp. 

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Not Evaluated. Taken in demersal fisheries.