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* Shark Representative Clouded Angelshark
* Squatina nebulosa * *
Family: Squatinidae picture:Clouded Angelshark
Brownish to bluish-brown with scattered light spots and many small black dots. Large rounded dark spot at base of pectoral fin, dark spot at base of pectoral fin, dark blotches below dorsal fins. Ocelli absent or small, scattered and obscure (light rings, dark centres). Pale underside with darker pectoral fin margins. Light dorsal fin margins. Simple, tapering nasal barbels, weakly fringed or smooth anterior nasal flaps, lateral head folds with two triangular lobes each side. Large eyes, eye-spiracle space <1.5 x eye length. No enlarged thorns. Very broad, low, obtuse, posterior rounded pectoral fins.

Distribution and Biology ;
Northwest Pacific. Biology poorly known.

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Not Evaluated. Taken in demersal fisheries.