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* Shark Representative Bull Shark
* Carcharhinus leucas * *
Family: Carcharhinidae picture:Bull Shark
Underside white, fin tips dusky but not conspicuously marked, except in juveniles. Large, massive, thick-headed greyish shark. Very short, broad, bluntly-rounded snout, small eyes, triangular saw-edged upper teeth, large angular pectoral fins, broad triangular first dorsal fin (>3.2 x second dorsal fin height), both dorsals with short rear tips, no interdorsal ridge, inconspicuous caudal keels.

Distribution and Biology ;
World-wide in temperate and tropical oceanic waters. Viviparous, yolk-sac placenta. Take a very broad range of food, from bony fishes, invertebrate and elasmobranchs to sea turtles, birds, dolphins, whale offal, and terrestrial mammals.

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Near Threatened. Bycatch throughout its range. Popular sports angling trophy.