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* Shark Representative Tiger Shark
* Galeocerdo cuvier * *
Family: Carcharhinidae picture:Tiger Shark
Color grey above with vertical black to dark grey bars and spots, bold in young but fading in adult, white below. Huge striped shark with a broad, bluntly rounded snout, very long upper labial furrows, big mouth with large, saw-edged, cockscomb-shaped teeth, spiracles. Prominent interdorsal ridge and low caudal keels.

Distribution and Biology ;
World-wide in temperate and tropical oceanic waters. Ovoviviparous. Sometimes called “a garbage can with fins”: eats bony fishes, elasmobrachs, sea turtles, sea snakes, marine iquanas, seabirds, marine mammals, carrion and rubbish.

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Near Threatened. Common or formerly common large shark but caught regularly in target and noon-target fisheries. Fins are high value.