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* Shark Representative Blue Shark
* Prionace glauca * *
Family: Carcharhinidae picture:Blue Shark
Slim, graceful shark with dark blue back, bright blue flanks and sharp demarcation to white underside. Long conical snout , large eyes (no spiracles), curved, saw-edged, triangular upper teeth. Long narrow scythe-shaped pectoral fins well in front of first dorsal fin, no interdorsal ridge. Mature females often bear bite wounds (mating scars).

Distribution and Biology ;
World-wide in temperate and tropical oceanic waters. Viviparous, yolk-sac placenta. Feed on relatively small prey: usually squid and pelagic fish, also invertebrates, bottom-dwelling fish and small sharks, sometimes seabirds taken at the surface.

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Near Threatened. The most heavily fished shark in the world, many millions taken annually, mainly as bycatch. Meat is low value but large valuable fins are kept and enter the international shark fin trade.