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* Shark Representative White Shark
* Carcharodon carcharias * *
Family: Lamnidae picture:White Shark
Heavy, long-snouted spindle-shaped body, long gill slits, large first dorsal fin with dark free rear tip, tiny second dorsal and anal fins, strong keels on caudal peduncle and crescent-shaped tail. Huge, flat, triangular, serrated teeth. Very black eye. Very sharp color change on flanks from greyish back to white underside. Black tip underneath pectoral fins, usually a black spot where rear edge joins body.

Distribution and Biology ;
Very wide-ranging through most oceans; among the greatest habitat and geographic range of any fish. Warm-blooded. Feeds on wide range of prey, from smaller fishes to large marine mammals.

Fishery :
IUCN Red List: Vulnerable. Rare, with evidence of depletion through commercial bycatch, beach meshing and sports fisheries in several parts of the world. Protected in several countries.